Prince of Persia 2

The Shadow And The Flame

Level Maps

These screens were captured from the PC version of the game, running on Windows XP in a virtual PC. I used Jasc PaintSho Pro 7 on the host PC to capture the images. The thumbs link to full-size images.

I have capped every screen you can run to, climb to, jump to or fall into. Most screens are captured more or less as they are when you see them first, with loose tiles unfallen and potions undrunk. Sometimes the loose tiles are already fallen in the image - either because the screen is inaccessible without dropping some tiles, or because the map is more legible like that. In the ruined city levels I've revealed all the tunnels. Occasionally this required merging two images from the same screen, so as to include a floating head at the same time as a tunnel - in reality you have to deal with the floating head before revealing the tunnel.

I have aligned the screens as accurately as I could but there are inevitable discontinuities. Loose tiles are a particular problem, so you'll see a lower screen with tiles fallen and the one above it with the same tiles in tact, or vice versa. It looks funny, but actually conveys useful information.

In other places the screens themselves just don't match. The mountain background at the extreme left of level 9 is an example. The screens ARE in the right order, but the mountains just don't form a smoothe continuous image. Not noticeable when you play, but annoying in the maps. Another example is the house you drop off at the quayside at level one - the one you drop off doesn't quite match the one you land beside. Hence the funny offset windows.

There are a few special screens that don't fit in well with their surroundings, like the rope bridge scene in the caverns where you fight the skeleton, or the sword room in the ruined city. These are shown in place, although they don't make much sense visually.

Where there are potions, I've tried to capture them "fizzing" so you can see the colour and judge their type. In some places I forgot. Let the drinker beware!

Once you reach level 10 (The Birdman Fortress), "shadow mode" becomes available. In this mode you can walk through closed gates and pass over flip-flop controls without activating them. This makes a couple more rooms accessible, although there's nothing of interest in any of them. These rooms are shown in these caps.

Making these maps has been interesting. First of all, it has given me a whole new appreciation of Jordan Mechner's ingenuity in devising such satisfying puzzles. It has allowed me to see quicker ways of completing the levels. Mostly though, it has just satisfied my curiosity. When you're playing the game, it can be difficult to visualise the big picture. Well, here it is!

So far as I know, the levels are complete, but it may be that there are secrets I don't know. There are many intriguing unopenable doors and unreachable platforms, so if you know how to get past these obstacles, do let me know!

Finally I would like to thank Jordan Mechner for writing such an intriguing and beguiling game, that still keeps me amused after all these years.

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Level 01 Level 01

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Level 02 Level 02

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Level 03 Level 03

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Level 04 Level 04

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Level 05 Level 05

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Level 06 Level 06

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Level 07 Level 07

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Level 08 Level 08

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Level 09 Level 09

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Level 10 Level 10

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Level 11 Level 11

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Level 12 Level 12

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Level 13 Level 13

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Level 14 Level 14

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Level 15 Level 15

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