Jo-fizz enjoys a full and frank exchange of views. To kick off a conversation type something in the upper text box and press the button. Lightening quick Jo-fizz will make a reply in the lower box. Type your riposte in the upper box again and before you know it you've got yourself a conversation. It's just like being snugly ensconsed in your favourite pub with a crowd of your idiot friends!
You'll probably notice that at first Jo-fizz isn't very original in what he says. If you go on, though, you'll find that he gets more imaginative...
All that happens is that Jo-fizz analyzes the order of the words in each sentence you enter. The more sentences you enter the more word orders Jo-fizz has to choose from.
Mail me and let me know what you think! I'd also be interested to know if the script won't work for you, as there may be some compatability issues I haven't considered. Include your operating system and browser version.
Would you like to look under the bonnet? Click here to download the script.
Jo-fizz is delighted to welcome you!
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Opera! The browser that was made for you!
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